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Seventh Prism:
What is it?


The Seventh Prism: Achieving High Performance Through Work/Life Integration.
by Neil M. Yeager, Ed.D.

The Seventh Prism Book CoverThis hardcover book, published in August 2008 introduces The Seventh Prism framework for Work/Life Integration. This is Neil Yeager's seventh book and represents the culmination of thirty years of work in the areas of career and organization development. The framework consists of six "Foundation Prisms" and provides readers with an overview of the Thirty-six Facets of their lives, encompassing all the variables one needs to consider in order to live the fullest, most satisfying, most productive, and most integrated lives.

The premise of the book is that the key to increased individual and organizational productivity and performance is the capacity for organizational leaders to build and sustain integrated lives for themselves and to promote employees' capacity to do the same.


Chapter One: The Principles of The Seventh Prism
Chapter Two: The Work Prism
Chapter Three: The Relationship Prism
Chapter Four: The Wellness Prism
Chapter Five: The Possessions Prism
Chapter Six: The Spirit Prism
Chapter Seven: The Context Prism
Chapter Eight: The Path to Integration: Personal Renewal and Transformation via The Seventh Prism

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The Seventh Prism Guidebook and Card Sort Box Set

The Seventh Prism Card Sort Box Set(available to certified Seventh Prism Trainers, Coaches, and Master Practitioners only)

This comprehensive self-assessment and development tool kit provides those experiencing the Seventh Prism Process with step-by-step guidelines for understanding and managing the 36 Facets of the Six Foundation Prisms and creating their own unique Work/Life Integration Action Plan. Users will use the card sort and guidebook to identify and document their results for three processes:

  • The Clarification Process, i.e. which aspects of their lives are: Foggy, Un-fogging, Crystallizing, and Crystal Clear;
  • The Satisfaction/Refinement Process, i.e. which aspects of their lives they need to: Maintain, Renew, Transform;
  • The Change Re-alignment Process, i.e. assessment of how a major work/life event is impacting their work and their lives and what actions need to be taken to re-align their "integration equation."

Available exclusively from The Charter Oak Consulting Group.
To order sets of materials for training or coaching contact Cletha Roney at croney@cocg.com
(Note: materials are non-reproducible and non-recyclable due to the "interactive" and personalized nature of the activities they are used for, therefore each person utilizing them requires their own set)

The Seventh Prism Card Sort Box Set and Self Study Guide

(available Winter 2009)