A Framework for Achieving High Performance Through Work/Life Situations

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A "whole person" approach to
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Seventh Prism:
What is it?


In-house Courses: The following courses are available for delivery on-site and can be delivered off the shelf or customized to the organization (with the exception of Making Things Happen which is always customized).

The Fully Engaged Leader

This two-day course is for managers and supervisors seeking to take their effectiveness as leaders beyond competencies towards a higher level of engagement with their own development and the development of those they lead. Utilizing the Seventh Prism Framework to help leaders achieve higher levels of integration and engagement, participants also learn keys to mentoring, building trust, intentional leadership, emotional acumen, and style differences.

Seventh Prism Work/Life Integration Workshop

This workshop, offered in two formats—two full days or one day with follow-up one-on-one coaching, utilizes The Seventh Prism Framework for helping participants assess their level of clarity, satisfaction, and need for action to achieve a high level of work/life integration. Participants examine the "36 Facets" of The Seventh Prism Framework in six dimensions of integration including: Work, Relationships, Wellness, Spirit, Context, and Possessions and leave with a concrete action plan for maintaining what's working, renewing what needs modification, and transforming what is not working in their own Work/Life situation.

Making Things Happen

This two-day course on Execution is for middle level managers and supervisors who are charged with bridging the gap between strategy and tactics in their organization. Essentially a course on organizational culture, Making Things Happen is a customized course designed around the core values, principles, and "unwritten rules" that define the organization. Making Things Happen can also be a useful course for "on-boarding" of new managers to help accelerate their capacity to execute in their new environment.

Coaching Skills

This one-day course is designed to help managers and supervisors develop their coaching skills in four areas: Foundation Skills for Effective Coaching, Collaborative Problem Solving, Teaching and Guiding, and Managing Performance Through Effective Feedback.

The course can also be delivered in a two-day version to allow for extensive skill practice with real work situations. This option requires the use of small group facilitators that can be external trainers or internal staff who are trained to be in that role.

Leading Change

This two-day course consists of four modules: Individual Change Dynamics, Organizational Change Dynamics, Making Change Happen, and Engaging Change Through Innovative Thinking. Participants gain key skills, knowledge and competence in orchestrating change on the Individual, Work Group, and Organizational levels.

Building and Sustaining High Performing Teams

This two-day course teaches participants to understand and manage the key dynamics that create and sustain high performing teams. Participants use their real world teams to learn the keys to effective teamwork and to analyze what's working and not working with the teams they are leading. During the course participants engage in a variety of simulation activities to hone their skills in managing team dynamics to achieve optimal outcomes while maintaining high levels of morale in the face of increasingly challenging organizational demands.

Leading with Emotional Acumen

This one-day course presents a synthesis of the various theories of Emotional Intelligence and presents participants with an integrated framework for understanding and applying the principles of Emotional Intelligence through the use of Emotional Acumen. Participants learn the "star model" for understanding and strengthening their own emotional acumen.

Leadership Basics

This two-day course provides new supervisors with the basic skills required for managing and leading people. Topics include: Leadership Styles, Communicating Effectively, Managing Conflict, Providing Feedback, Managing Meetings, Understanding Personality Styles, Balancing Priorities, and Empowering Employees.