A Framework for Achieving High Performance Through Work/Life Situations

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Seventh Prism:
What is it?

Welcome to The Seventh Prism

"It is the clarity of focus, purpose, and intention that the Seventh Prism process provides that propels success and full realization of one's potential. Planning and goal setting can serve as the roadmap and as markers along the way. However, it is the crystallizing of ideals and acting on the intentions that follow that can create the most enduring outcomes."

Dr. Neil Yeager
Designer, The Seventh Prism Approach to Work/Life Integration

The Seventh Prism Approach to Achieving High Performance Through Work/Life Integration is a highly refined, systematic approach to increasing organizational performance while improving the quality of life for those responsible for leading their organizations. Designed to provide executives and managers with the tools to lead more integrated lives themselves and to support others in their organization for doing so as well, The Seventh Prism framework teaches those who experience it to consciously make choices about how they live and work that lead to greater productivity and greater satisfaction.

Through a highly structured process, participants in Seventh Prism programs assess themselves against 36 "Facets" that encompass the full range of factors necessary for creating and sustaining a fully integrated life—both within and outside of the workplace.

In addition to crafting their own comprehensive work/life integration action plan, that focuses on the six "foundation prisms" of Work, Relationships, Wellness, Spirit, Context, and Possessions, participants learn critical techniques for leading effectively, including:

  • High Impact Mentoring for Individual and Organizational Effectiveness
  • Using Emotional Acumen to harness the power of Emotional Intelligence
  • The Preferred Work Style Model for Understanding Personality Differences
  • The Pentagon of Trust model for building rapport and trustworthiness up, down, and across the organization
  • The Intentional Leader Model for deploying one's leadership most effectively across the enterprise

The Business Case for The Seventh Prism

If people:

  • do work that reflects their greatest strengths and strongest interests;
  • surround themselves with people they can trust, empower, delegate to, and develop;
  • find meaning and high value in everything they do;
  • are committed to being healthy, fit and energized;
  • are unburdened by the demands they face outside of work;
  • manage their money to live well and within their means...

they and their organizations will thrive and prosper well beyond what would happen than if they:

  • do work that they are not good at and not interested in;
  • have no one at work that they can truly rely on;
  • find little real meaning in the work that they do;
  • are exhausted unhealthy, and unfit;
  • are overwhelmed by all the demands they face outside of work;
  • are financially over extended and over committed